David e. dunlop

Sound Design, Recording, Editing, Mixing


what i do


sound design

Using Creativity and ingenuity to create, unique and immersive sounds to help captivate the audiences attention to the environment of a game, film or show. From the terrifying roar of a monster to the light rustling of trees from a light breeze. 



Through professional microphones and techniques to record what may be required. Be it a voice over, foley effect, or musical recording. 


editing + mixing

Editing down audio takes and fixing unwanted audio blemishes, and finalizing a finished product by mixing it to professional standards. 


about me

I am a practiced sound designer and editor, versed in many types recording such as foley, ADR voiceovers, and music recording engineering. 

After years of playing and creating music, I found a passion in designing and recording sound for video. I was drawn to how sound could have such an impact on emotion and feeling over a visual setting, be it an exciting scene in a video game with a big explosion, to the subtle inflection on the voice of an actor. I was amazed with it all.

Guided by this passion, I pursued education in both the Music Industry Arts program and Audio Post Production programs at Fanshawe College. Through my post-secondary education I increased my skills and knowledge through collaboration, and practice with sound design, mixing, game audio, music recording, editing, and voiceovers.


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